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AXI International (formerly Algae-X International), industry leaders in Intelligent Fuel Management, has specialized in fuel management, fuel maintenance, fuel polishing, fuel remediation, fuel treatment, and emission control technologies for over twenty years. Our process of innovation, implementation, and analysis has set AXI International as the undisputed leader within our industry.

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Fuel Reliability

The majority of engine failure is due to the damaging effect contaminated fuel has on fuel injection systems. Contamination, such as dirt, rust, and other forms of particulate, create abrasive wear throughout the fuel system – and most critically – the fuel injector. This wear allows for more fuel to pass into the combustion chamber when it shouldn’t. The side effects can lead to engine knock, hot spots, excessive fuel consumption, excessive exhaust gas temperatures, and increased emissions.


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Fuel Management

Corporations around the globe rely on their fuel system to function as intended. If they don’t, the results can be catastrophic to the business. We all can agree that downtime just isn’t an option, but reality says that there are natural and systematic flaws in all fuel systems that leave businesses vulnerable. The intelligent approach to securing a fuel system requires ensuring the proper operation of all components and integrating redundancy in monitoring these critical components.


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Fuel Filtration

Fuel filtration ensures particulate, sludge, and other forms of detrimental contamination do not damage your fuel system.

Water Separation

Water is the most damaging contaminant in fuel, as it is the catalyst to a host of problems that can destroy critical engine components.

System Monitoring

The ultimate way of ensuring system uptime and functionality requires monitoring system assets

Alarm Notification

As soon as an alarm is triggered, staff is immediately notified, and it is critical that the fault is addressed as soon as possible.

Fuel Conditioning

Fuel conditioning reduces the size of particulate clusters, preventing frequent filter clogging and ensuring more complete combustion of fuel.

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives ensure optimal stability, complete combustibility, and keep your fuel ready for use for months.

Asset Management

Knowing the absolute status of each component, down to the individual function, is the key to total fuel management.


Communicating with management and management systems can be the difference between reliability and downtime.

For over 20 years, our approach to Intelligent Fuel Management has been, and continues to be, successfully used in thousands of applications throughout the world, addressing fuel management needs in the following markets:
Mission Critical
Emergency/Backup Power
Enclosed Fuel Maintenance

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Fuel Transfer

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Automated Fuel Maintenance

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Day Tanks

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Mobile Fuel Polishing

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Inline Fuel Conditioners

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Solar Fuel Maintenance

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Fuel Additives

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