How Important is Diesel Fuel?

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The world relies heavily on Diesel Fuel more than ever.  In fact, diesel fuel usage has increased 220% over the past 30 years.  This increase in demand has lead to changes in the production of diesel fuel that negatively impact the quality and stability of the fuel.

AXI’s Intelligent Fuel Management Solutions restore, maintain, and improve the quality and stability of diesel fuel wherever it is used or stored.




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The majority of emergency power and diesel engine performance failures start in the fuel tank – primarily caused by the inherent instability of diesel fuel.  With governmental regulation on diesel engines tightening the grip on the tolerances of your engines, organic and in-organic diesel fuel contaminants becoming more common in diesel fuel, and quality diesel fuel becoming less prevalent, it is no wonder that diesel engines fail so often.

Without a proper fuel maintenance system and plan in place, not only do repair costs mount, but engine and system failures can cost companies millions.  Enter AXI International – the global leader in diesel fuel management solutions.

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