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Who Is AXI International?

AXI International is an innovative company in the field of diesel fuel treatment. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Florida, USA with an extensive global distribution network that operates in over 70 countries. Notable clients include General Dynamics, Union Pacific, Nobel Energy, U.S. Embassies, U.S. Dept of Transportation, D.O.D., Alaska Power & Telephone, Miami-Dade Transit, SNC Lavelin, HH Angus, Jones Lang LaSalle, Verizon, Amway and Office Depot.

What Does AXI Do?

AXI provides an innovative and unique approach to fuel quality optimization, fuel maintenance and tank cleaning systems that improve the stability, performance and combustion of fuel. It is the condition of the fuel in your tanks that determines Engine Performance and Mission-Critical Emergency Power Reliability.

Why AXI?

AXI’s patented technology removes contaminates to unlock the thermal energy contained in fossil fuel.  This ensures a clean, reliable fuel supply for mission-critical and all other diesel powered applications. AXI’s brand promise is “to be easy to do business with,” that includes a commitment to you, for responsive engineering and sales, along with short production lead times.

  • Customer Intimacy – Relationships begin with people. The AXI team builds relationships with clients and is known for its ability to create customized solutions. AXI takes its commitment to reliability, service, trouble-shooting and on-time delivery very seriously.
  • Engineered Quality – AXI integrates the highest quality components into all of its designs, including the best pumps, the best filters and AXI’s patented LG-X fuel conditioner. Each system undergoes rigorous quality checks and tests before customer delivery.  Processes are in-place to ensure repeatable quality for maximum reliability. That is why AXI systems have a near 0% failure rate.
  • Technical expertise – First and foremost, AXI is a technology company with a critical focus on design and engineering. Customers and stake holders get the benefit of working with a team of industry-veteran engineers to gain significant insight into the process of maintaining and optimizing fuel.  AXI works hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, reps and end users to develop customized solutions for all applications.

Why Is Optimized Fuel So Critical?

Most emergency power and engine performance failures start in the Fuel Tank and are caused by the inherent instability of fuel.

Today’s diesel injection systems with operating pressure of 30,000 psi or more require that the particle size of your  fuel does not exceed the tolerances of your engines. Primary filter water-separators dramatically improve engine protection. However, they can only do so much.

Non-fuel contaminants [in-organic debris) can easily be filtered out  and removed. However, the most adequate filtration has  no affect on the natural tendency of fuel constituents to agglomerate and form organic contaminants that are beyond filtration.

In the  industry, terms like algae, gum, wax, resin, varnish, tar, asphaltene, etc. are often used to describe the organic contaminant that clogs filters and is responsible for carbon deposits, corrosion, failing injection systems, loss of power, incomplete combustion and excessive emissions.

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    Finding the source behind your tank contamination is half the battle.

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AXI Products and Services

AXI’s product offering is grouped into seven main categories:

Automated Diesel Fuel Maintenance Systems- STS Mission Critical Systems are project-matched, programmable automated fuel management systems for diesel and turbine generators. They are specifically designed for critical applications and maximum reliability. AXI has engineered and built STS systems for leaders in multiple industries and vocations including data centers, hospitals, transportation hubs, marine, mining, defense, power generation and public safety.

Fuel Polishing Systems- The Smart FPS Series is fully automated, programmable fuel optimization systems for on-board, in-tank cleaning, fuel polishing and transfer. Flow rates range from 80-600 GPH. Power requirements range from 12 VDC to 220 VAC.

Portable  Systems- Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems (MTC) recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel, biofuels, light oils and hydraulic fluid. They remove water, sediment and sludge that naturally accumulate in tanks. Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems are compact, heavy-duty, multi-stage industrial systems, for long-term reliable service. They safely clean tanks and restore fuel to its “Clear & Bright” pristine condition, eliminating the need for humans to enter the tank.

Fuel Additives- AXI offers a line of additives including  the best selling  AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst. It is a unique  and powerful, broad-spectrum fuel additive concentrate. Its active ingredients accelerate tank  cleaning, stabilize fuel, enhance combustion, improve lubricity and inhibit corrosion. It is designed for use in Diesel, Biofuels, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet  fuel and HFO.

Fuel Conditioners- AXI fuel conditioners stabilize and condition fuel, reducing the  size and  mass of clusters of fuel molecules. In combination with primary filter water-separators, fuel conditioners prevent and reverse fuel degradation and microbial contamination. They optimize fuel quality, keep tanks clean and protect engines.

Fuel Sampling and Testing- AXI line includes lab analysis, a portable particle counter and assorted test kits

Parts and Accessories- Accessories include additional filtration and cartridges

The AXI Approach

AXI provides a unique and innovative approach to fuel conditioning. It consists of an integrated thee step process;

  1. Separation
  2. Filtration
  3. Conditioning

Our equipment, methods and programs protect engines and preserve the integrity of stored fuel. They help ensure permanent reliable power for your peace of mind and:

• Increase Up-Time, Lower Emissions & Operating Costs

• Optimize & Preserve The Integrity Of Stored Diesel & Biofuel

• Protect Engines, Insuring Peak Performance & Reliability

• Clean Tanks, Restoring Fuel To Its “Clear & Bright” Pristine Condition

Certified By The Green Clean Institute

Our fuel optimization and maintenance systems not only provide savings to your bottom line, but to the environment as well.

The 70/20 Effect-Market Leadership

Through representation in over 70 countries and 20 plus years of experience in the industry, AXI is always one step ahead of the competition.

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