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In April 2008, Rick Apple, General Manager of the Puckett CAT Engine Divisions, installed the Emergency Power Supply systems for “Beau Rivage” Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Casinos, Data Centers, Banks and Hospitals all demand 24/7 reliable power supply. Failure is not an option. To guaranty that reliability in the “Beau Rivage” casino, Rick installed eight AXI STS Automated Filtration systems on the generator’s fuel tanks, ensuring that the fuel powering his five CAT 3516 – 2.25 MW generators is in optimal condition at all times.

Beau Rivage Casino Emergency Power Systems

When Alticor, the parent company of Amway Corp., Amway Global, Access Business Group LLC, and Alticor Corporate Enterprises, decided to build a new data center in metropolitan Grand Rapids, MI, it chose Cummins Bridgeway to supply its generators. The $8.4 billion corporation understands that a continuous, reliable power supply is not a luxury but necessity.

Working with Mike Krause of Cummins Bridgeway’s Grand Rapids Power Generation division and Torre Miller of Diesel Fuel Doctor, Alticor decided to install an STS 6000-4 GPM-S automated fuel filtration system on each of its two new generators. The STS systems were added to preserve the integrity of Amway’s stored fuel, and guarantee that the generators would not fail because of bad fuel when they would be needed in case of a power outage.

Amway’s Alticor Data Center

In a recent conversation with the Bank of Bermuda, Peter Richens, the Project Manager for the bank, told us that he is delighted with the installation and performance of his STS Automated Filtration System.

After he had received several fuel tests with failing grades, it was clear that the out-of-spec fuel formed a serious potential liability for the Bank of Bermuda.

Mr. Richens, responsible for the reliability of the bank’s Emergency Power Supply (EPS), decided to install an AXI STS-6000- 4GPM-S automated fuel filtration system to rectify the situation. After running the system for two months, additional fuel samples were sent to the testing lab and passed. Their fuel is now “Clear and Bright,” and the Bank of Bermuda now has confidence in the reliability of their stand-by power system.

The Bank of Bermuda Ltd., HSBC Group

Due to a problem with a tank heater, the hospital knew they had a fuel problem and hired a company to remove the old fuel from their storage tanks. Eighteen inches of solids were found in the tanks that needed to be chiseled out. The STS-6000-10GPM was purchased from Chris Massie with Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison, LLC. This is the first of 8 16,000 gallon storage tanks that are being converted to No 2 diesel. As more tanks are cleaned, more STS systems will be installed.

Stratton VA Medical center

We have the STS-6000-4GPM installed on a 4,000 gallon tank. There is a 500 gallon day tank that is, at the moment, unprotected. Both tanks will be treated with AFC-705 (actually put in the day tank) and then the fuel will be periodically transferred back to the bulk tank. Treated fuel will then be loaded into the day tank once a month or quarter…

The STS is actually mounted below the fuel level. The suction line, with a ball valve on the bottom, is about 1/2” off the bottom of the tank. Fuel is drawn UP to the ceiling of the room (about 4 feet from the top of the tank) and then drops about 10 feet to the STS system. The vacuum created by the fall of the fuel and the ball valve in the bottom of the pick-up tube, create an almost zero vacuum situation for the pump. The fuel is almost pushed to it!

The generator is in a separate room from the tank. The yellow pipes you see running through the wall are the supply and return lines. A very clean, almost pretty (in an industrial diesel fuel sense) install.

Erie County Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Fallsview Casino is Canada’s largest gaming resort, located on a cliff overlooking the world renowned Horseshoe Falls of Niagara. If the generators of a $1 billion casino don’t function properly during a power failure the revenue from the gaming stops. To ensure that the two tanks that hold the 66,000 liters of emergency diesel fuel are always optimized, Perfect Fuel Preservation Ltd. recommended two AXI STS-6000-10gpm automated fuel filtration systems.

3,000 slot machines, 130 gaming tables, 374 luxury hotel rooms, and 1,500 seat theater require reliable power, and follow the Life Safety Codes by the NFPA to ensure the “…construction, protection, and occupancy features necessary to minimize danger to life…” . Canada’s Technical Safety Standards Association inspects and enforces public safety codes for all systems like the AXI STS-6000-10gpm, which passed with compliments on the high grade of engineering and assembly.

Falls View Casino Emergency Power Systems