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Clogged Fuel Filters: Stop Treating the Symptom and Treat the Cause

While on the water, fuel filters can clog at any moment when an appropriate fuel maintenance procedure is not in place. Clogged filters can cause engines to "choke", preventing fuel from powering the engine(s) and leaving vessels dead on the water. If replacement filters are not readily available, this simple filter change can derail any […]

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Why Diesel Fuel Gels and How To Prevent It From Happening

In a time where the focus of the industrial revolution was looking towards steam-powered engines, Rudolf Diesel believed he could develop a smaller, more powerful combustion engine powered by what is known now as "diesel" fuel. Just a few decades after the first diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel, the popular uses of diesel-powered […]

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How Big Tech's Prioritization of Fuel Quality is Changing the Marine Industry

For as long as fuel has been supplying engines, there have been issues with fuel contamination and degradation that can severely impact the owners & operators of various marine vessels. Marine filtration systems provide captains, boaters, and marine mechanics with confidence in the reliability of the engine equipment that power their time on the water. […]

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Selecting the Right Filtration Solution for Your Fuel Tank

Navigating multiple product lines to find the optimal fuel filtration solution can be a daunting task. In this guide, we will walk you through how our fuel quality experts recommend the best fuel filtration system for each use case and tank size. We will cover the key differences between mobile and stationary filtration solutions, outline […]

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Algae-X Reseller's Guide: Providing Fuel Maintenance Systems to Marina Customers

Attention full-service marinas: Adding fuel maintenance to your ever-growing list of offerings has never been easier. Algae-X is back with a comprehensive guide on how you can capture more revenue without venturing beyond your dock. Since the invention of diesel fuel, fuel quality has been an unrelenting headache for many yacht and diesel-craft owners who […]

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Diesel Boats and Yachts: A Mechanical Maintenance Guide for Before You Hit the Water

For any boat owner, it is important to have a functioning understanding of the critical systems that keep your vessel running. To go out on the water is to have trust in the operational reliability of your watercraft and if that trust is misplaced, you may end up with significant issues that could leave you […]

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