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Marine Fuel Quality and Reliability on the Water

One of the oft-forgotten components to marine vessel reliability is the quality of the fuel being supplied.

With poor fuel quality being the cause for many mechanical issues and failures, it shouldn’t be ignored.

From the refinery, fuel is transported and transferred through numerous storage tanks, allowing the fuel to be susceptible to picking up a variety of contaminants along the way.

Should these contaminants make way into your fuel system and engine, detrimental failures could leave you and your vessel stranded in the water.

It is for this reason that AXI International focuses on enhancing the quality of the fuel being stored in your marine vessel.

From work boats to yachts, and everything in-between, AXI International provides marine fuel filtration solutions to allow for effective and thorough fuel polishing that not only reinforces your fuel quality, but also keeps critical engine components free from costly unexpected failure relating to fuel quality.

Our History in the Marine Industry: Algae-X

With the company’s inception in 1995, Algae-X brought to the marine market a magnetic fuel conditioning device that took the industry by storm.

These magnetic devices quickly gained popularity among recreational boaters and maritime professionals alike. This leap into the marine mainstream lead to a polarizing conversation around the properties and abilities of the magnet itself within the industry.

Discussions ranged from whether the sludge-like growth inside of the fuel tank was algae or not, to speculation as to if these magnetic devices were derived from a key component of Doc’s famed Flux Capacitor.

Regardless of the exact science, there was one thing for certain: The magnets made a difference and the marine industry couldn’t get enough.

Then (1995):
Now (2020):

Fast forward to 2020 and our company has grown tremendously from the industry greenhorn we once were.

Algae-X is now known as AXI International, expanding our product line and offering numerous fuel maintenance and intelligent fuel management solutions for a variety of consumers and industries.

Our fuel polishing systems still come equipped standard with our proprietary magnetic fuel conditioners, now known as the LG-X.

From pleasure crafts to commercial vessels, AXI International offers a variety of products to enhance fuel quality for any voyage.

Vessel Dependability, Emissions, and Performance

As the recognized industry leader in fuel maintenance and polishing, AXI International has gained a thorough understanding of the role fuel combustion plays in effective and efficient equipment operation.

With decades of experience in fuel quality, we have developed an array of products and systems that aim to achieve optimal engine combustion.

Our line of systems includes mobile fuel polishing units for a portable filtration solution, as well as automated fuel maintenance systems that can be plumbed-in to a fuel storage tank.

These maintenance systems come equipped with controllers to allow for operator-controlled scheduling, and relays system alarms for abnormal pressure, vacuum, or required filter service.

It is known that the impurities found in most fuels can lead to pollution when burned.

This is why it is important to not only be sure the fuel being supplied is free of contaminants, but it is also important to introduce a fuel additive to enhance the combustion within the engine.

By producing a more complete combustion, less fuel is wasted, and exhaust emissions are reduced, resulting in improvements in fuel economy.

Our line of AFC Fuel Additives achieves this result and more. Our unique proprietary AFC formula is specifically engineered to provide numerous benefits to the mechanical operability of an engine. These benefits include removal of carbon deposits, added lubricity, fuel stabilization, and more.

There is no argument that fuel content and quality play a critical role in vessel reliability, with fuel contamination possibly leading to costly mechanical issues and failures.

When on the water, it is imperative to make equipment dependability an absolute priority. With hundreds or potentially thousands of gallons of potentially contaminated fuel being introduced to your vessel’s engine(s) in a single day, the quality of the fuel being supplied must be made a priority.

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