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Please excuse my delay in responding to your inquiry regarding the performance of the AXI units that we are currently using. As you can tell from my subsequent orders, I am very impressed with your units. Their ease of installation and the fact that they actually perform as you indicated is an added bonus for those of us who install and are responsible for their maintenance.

I have been in the marine repair business for the past 23 years and have always been very careful and somewhat closed minded about appliances, additives and a “host of other goodies” that sales people represent without O.E.M. endorsements for our pilot boats. The fact that we are a fairly large user of #2 diesel (over 150,000 gallons annually) along with the lesser quality fuel we are receiving through the pipe line, the constant replacement of Racor filters, the cleaning of our boat fuel tanks and the damage being done to our main engines and generator sets required me to find some solution to our algae and fungus problems. After installing the first trial AXI unit on one of our pilot launches there was a noticeable difference in the filters and performance almost immediately. We had been changing fuel filters ever 5O to 100 hours. We can now extend filter changes to our normal oil change intervals. Also, the transoms, which were turning black due to exhaust gasses, are now staying cleaner. Most importantly, this was accomplished with a simple yet effective AXI flow thru device installed before our primary fuel filters.

In closing, I would be happy to talk with any future customer you have to recommend the AXI units not only to those in the marine industry but also to any person using diesel fuel.

Thank you for the opportunity to realize the value of this product.


Virginia Pilot Association
F.M. Kampfmueller
Port Engineer

Bill – I bought a pair of AXI® units at the Lauderdale show last Oct for my

Cummins 6BTA 250’s and put them in over the winter. I have them in my Bertram 31. Have about 150 hours on them, and drained the Racors last Sunday for the first time since installing. NOTHING, I mean nothing, in the Racors. Normally I would get an inch of crud out of each filter after about 50 hours, but NOTHING. I could never get 100 hours out of a 30 micron Racor 500 cartridge before, and now I’m up to 150 and counting. Plus, the smoke is greatly reduced, the exhaust smells cleaner, and – here’s the best of all- fuel economy is up over 10%. Magic? You tell me. A trip I made last November prior to installing the units, yes with a dirty bottom and one slightly dinged wheel, burned 126 gallons. Two weeks ago made the same trip, plus another hour of running, yes, this time with a clean bottom and true wheels, burned 100.4 gallons. I am a true believer now. Thanks for talking me into buying them.

Vic Roy

Baton Rouge, LA

1000 less headaches

Rarely do you meet anyone who owns 1000 yachts and sailboats. When they speak, we listen! Earlier this year the largest charter company in the world made AXI  AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst standard equipment on all new vessels. How many is that? Approximately 250 new yachts a year! Staggering figures for most companies, but not for Sunsail Charter whom already owns over 1000 yachts and sailboats, it’s small change.

Sunsail currently has the largest charter fleet in the world with 36 bases around the world with a 3 to 5 year charter life ( They offer the biggest and best choice of sailing vacations in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Indian Ocean for experienced sailors as well as complete beginners.

Sunsail has come to mean reliability, quality and value for money. They are always expanding on these features ensuring the best for their clientele. “We wanted to add that extra touch of safety and reliability for our customers” says Martin Challis, Group Technical Manager for Sunsail Charters. He contacted AXI and explained the fuel problem they were having to Chief Engineer, Chris Tschegg.

“Our charter boats are replaced every few years so we have lots of 5 year old yachts that have to undertake a long offshore sea delivery back to the US or mainland Europe to be sold. Although the engines run OK in more sheltered waters of their charter area the accumulation of sludge in the tank is stirred up as soon as the yacht is offshore and blocks the filters and fuel system so the engine becomes inoperable.”

“I spoke to Chris Tschegg of AXI and he explained to me a way to reduce downtime, increase filter life and reliability as well as make our fleet more environmentally friendly. He said the fuel had formed clusters and sediments, which were clogging the filters. He recommended I use the AFC 705 Fuel Catalyst.”

sunsail2In my job I continuously get approached by people with “wonder products”, many of which don’t work, so I am naturally suspicious and test most things myself before fitting to our charter yachts.

My diesel car always needs a fuel additive but even then runs badly on cheap “supermarket” diesel, which I have to avoid. So I tried AFC 705 Additive and the car ran noticeably better than with any of the other additives and even ran ok on the cheap fuel. It’s the best additive I have seen and after a few fills even seems to have improved fuel economy.

Now I was starting to believe in this.

For those older boats returning from their charter area Chris recommended a heavy treatment of AFC 705 Fuel Catalyst. So we supplied all our charter bases with AFC 705 Fuel Catalyst to deal with the existing sludge.

Last week I had a very positive report from our Seychelles operation. Fuel quality and local conditions have always made this area the worst for fuel problems. Without exception every yacht in the last 4 years that has left our Seychelles fleet to sail back to Europe has had serious engine breakdowns due to sludge. A few weeks ago we had a 6 year old due to sail back. These boats have 2 engines and no inspection hatch in the tank so no way to clean the tank. So here was the real test. We added a heavy dose of Fuel Catalyst before departure and gave the skipper the rest of the bottle to add when refilling along the way. The boat arrived in South France with both engines running perfectly and the skipper never even had to use one of the many spare fuel filters we always have to put aboard for these offshore passages.

sunsail3Amazing, I am now totally convinced.”

Now I make the  AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst standard equipment for every one of our new vessels. The inexpensive units prevent fuel filter problems, unsatisfied customers and a lot of headaches.”

AXI is the worldwide leader in Total Fuel Management Systems to Optimize Fuel Quality to promote Peak Engine Performance and Reliability. AXI technology improves the stability and quality of fuels resulting in improved combustion, significant reduction in particulate emissions and lower overall operating and maintenance costs.

Sunsail is the leading provider of yacht charter and water sports sailing holidays worldwide.

I am remiss in not having gotten back to you sooner. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Oakland Boat Show September 15. 2004. I was very impressed by your explanation of the operation of the AXI units. As I had mentioned to you, I was interested in AXI some time ago. I just pulled out the letter and literature you sent me March of 2000.

I used one bottle of AFC-705 in each tank when I fueled a couple of days later as you had instructed.

Again, thank you very much in getting me off the dime, l should have the cleanest running boat on the west Coast after a couple of tanks of fuel.


Ralph Price

The Port Everglades Pilots have been using the AXI unit for almost two years, and we can honestly say it works. The pilot business is a 2417-day operation, so engine maintenance and boat reliability is a must. We use in excess of 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year in our pilot boats. We have found that the fuel filters and fuel are much cleaner, which makes for more efficient engine operation. We rarely have injector or other fuel related problems.

In the past, the standing operating procedure for bad fuel was either get ride of it or try to filter it through an external filter, which did not work. The AXI unit with the catalyst is the answer to fuel problems.

I highly recommend AXI for both commercial and pleasure boats.

Thanks again for your assistance and a great product.

Port Everglades Pilots’ Association
Boat Maintenance