Fuel Site

Consultation & Design

AXI International’s engineering consultants provide in-depth guidance for the integration of our fuel management systems to meet or exceed the needs for fuel maintenance, transfer, and supply.

Fuel Site

Consultation & Design

AXI International’s engineering consultants provide in-depth guidance for the integration of our fuel management systems to meet or exceed the needs for fuel maintenance, transfer, and supply.

Through AXI International’s fuel site engineering services, we can provide peace of mind through applying our decades of fuel management knowledge to your fuel site design. Our specialities include designing systems with consideration on fuel flow, and also identifying the potential pitfalls of a fuel site’s design. Through our engineering services we can also provide recommended upgrades and improvements in both system safety and overall design. As the recognized global leader in fuel management, our expertise in this field plays a crucial role in the development of fuel sites for a variety of industries.

AXI International’s team of experts can determine potential drawbacks before they have an adverse effect on the operation and reliability of your fuel site. Our engineers will identify drawbacks that can possibly lead to loss of site power and other issues. By working with us, you can gain confidence in your site’s design given the materialization of an emergency situation where backup power is needed. In a power outage, backup generators are crucial to maintain operation. This is especially important in mission critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers, where the immediate loss from a power outage can be catastrophic. Fuel flow to the generator systems is of great importance to the overall operability of these emergency systems when they are needed.

When considering the importance of fuel flow in fuel site design, we apply our knowledge in ways that address any concerns in the ability of fuel to flow properly through a wide variety of fuel site designs. We have designed and built many custom solutions for rooftop tanks, remote tanks, and the equipment that handle the movement of the fuel through these systems.

Utilizing our industry expertise, we can identify improvement points in the design of your fuel site which will lead to better effectiveness and negate possible fuel flow and quality issues. With our team recognizing and addressing these issues during the design process, you can be assured that your fuel site is going to function as intended. By addressing these fuel flow issues early on, our engineers can design a fuel site that meets the demand of these critical applications.

Answering Questions in Fuel Site Design

Even the highest tier design and engineering firms can make mistakes on their site plans. These firms require input from specialist designers and engineers, as they are not the specific expert in all disciplines that make up a facility. AXI International’s expertise in fuel site and system optimization can aid other engineering firms and developers in knowing the site is designed appropriately, while avoiding costly future pitfalls of an improperly designed system. Our tea offers onsite visits and consultation to provide solutions to your potential or existing fuel site questions.

We can answer questions like:

  • What are the failure points of my system?
  • How much redundancy do I really have if there is a problem?
  • Has anything been overlooked during the original design?
  • Are there areas of fuel stagnation within the fuel system that can lead to vulnerabilities?

Elements like fuel stagnation often become an afterthought for other firms who do not specialize in fuel flow, and this can cause issues which lead to corrosion and system failure if not addressed appropriately. Through answering these questions, we can provide peace of mind knowing the fuel systems of your facilities are being developed appropriately.

AXI International can solve problems by catching potential fuel stagnation areas and contamination problems before they happen. Cleaning a very dirty tank can become impossible (specifically in belly/base tanks) and can cost a large amount if not taken care of early on (tank replacement or fuel replacement). AXI International is the recognized global expert at fuel management and finding areas of your fuel site that are susceptible to failure. Our engineering staff will find potential issues with your fuel site before they materialize.

The Significance of Fuel Site Design in Mission Critical Facilities

Most mission critical facilities are all about uptime, which can mean different things to different facilities. These cover a broad spectrum of possibilities that include the loss of life, servers going down, no fire suppression, security issues, food storage, and logistical issues. The backup power systems for these facilities are tested sparingly and used infrequently. This combination of infrequent testing and low use may lead to more severe issues only being noticed when the systems are needed most. At this point, it’s too late.

When the main power grid goes out, what happens if operation is needed for a long duration? Inefficient fuel site design can lead to fuel contamination. Dirty fuel can then clog the engine filters and shut the engines down prematurely. In most cases, the conditions for each engine are similar (same tank type, same engine size, testing frequency, etc.). This means that when a single engine goes down the probability of the others failing becomes even higher. Is there enough maintenance staff to service all the engines simultaneously during an outage?

When mission critical facilities lose power, it often stems from issues that derive from fuel quality and fuel flow. AXI International has experienced this, and our firm understands what needs to be done to prevent these issues from taking place. By addressing these questions in the design of our fuel sites, our experienced team of engineers will create a fuel site that is designed to operate to meet all expectations of the application.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

When designing fuel sites, we use computational fluid dynamics to gain better visibility into the potential performance of a design. CFD allows our team of engineers to run simulations in how the fuel system of the site will flow and operate, rendering thousands of potential flow paths and possibilities. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of a design and be able to tweak it accordingly.

By using the latest technologies and data models to simulate fluid flows through algorithms and numerical analyses, computational fluid dynamics gives us the ability to work through design issues without having to manufacture the equipment through each trial phase. This results in a more optimized & cost-efficient solution to fuel site design & development.

Through CFD, our team is able to design a fuel site that will meet the demands of our clients. Whether it is working through potential fuel paths or other technicalities, our team of experienced engineers and fuel experts are able to design a fuel site catered to your needs. Our team is able to design fuel sites for a broad range of industries, including but not limited to agriculture, data centers, hospitals, resorts, government/military, and more.

Fuel Site Consultation Professionals

AXI International’s expertise in Intelligent Fuel Management gives us the knowledge to work with companies to ensure that the fuel site design itself is capable of meeting the various demands. Whether in simple applications or sites involving multiple tanks, generators, and transfer systems, AXI International has the knowledge and experience to overcome these various hurdles.

If you are experiencing consistent issues with your existing fuel site, AXI International will analyze and suggest solutions that will remedy your pains. Depending on the extensiveness of the repairs, at some point it becomes cheaper and better to replace the improperly functioning systems instead of continually trying to apply bandages. If there are programmatic errors, these are very difficult to diagnose and repair without inside knowledge of the systems involved.

AXI International complies with NEC and NFPA fire and electrical codes. AXI International holds liability insurance for being an onsite engineering firm, giving us the ability to visit where the problem exists. We rely on our team’s extensive experience and our highly experienced engineering staff to diagnose and find failure modes.

Through contracting AXI International’s engineering team, you are working with a globally-recognized firm whose expertise in fuel site design and consultation can be leveraged to provide for the most effective and efficient fuel site design possible.