Thick sludge removed from a contaminated fuel tank


The majority of engine failure is primarily due to the damaging effect contaminated fuel has on fuel injectors. Contamination, such as dirt, rust, and other forms of particulate, create abrasive wear throughout the fuel system – and most critically – the fuel injector. This wear allows for more fuel to pass into the combustion chamber when it shouldn’t. The side effects can lead to engine knock, hot spots, excessive fuel consumption, excessive exhaust gas temperatures, and increased emissions. Left unmanaged, the engine will not have enough power to sustain operation, causing costly downtime.

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Fuel is known to degrade and pick up many forms of contamination from the environment.  This combination of sludge, dirt, dust, and other forms of particulate and contamination wreak havoc on a fuel system, causing engine failure.  Below is an infographic that explains the importance of more frequent fuel maintenance cycles.

Your Fuel Tank Needs Attention

Whether it is your boat or backup generator, all diesel fuel tanks accumulate sludge, water, and debris. To make things worse, every time you re-fuel, more particulate, water, and organic debris is added on top of the accumulating contaminants already at the bottom of your tank.  This is what clogs your fuel system and robs you of powerperformance, and most importantly, reliability.


Comprehensive Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

AXI Clean Fuel & Tank offers a comprehensive tank cleaning service package that addresses not only the fuel in the tank, but the tank itself.

As a fully mobile service with self-contained modular units (utilizing AXI’s MTC systems), our mobile tanking cleaning service ensures:

  • Work can be carried out on site at any location
  • No removal or cutting of tanks is required
  • Tank cleaning can be incorporated to coincide with service intervals to eliminate additional downtime
  • Minimal waste with no disposing of vast quantities of contaminated fuel
  • Extremely time and cost effective

Free Fuel Analysis

You deserve to know what the condition of your fuel is.  We’ll be happy to sample your fuel and give you an immediate analysis of the current condition of your fuel.  It only takes about 2 minutes (in most cases) to get a sample.  You have nothing to lose but your worries.