How Do Fuel Maintenance Systems Work?

AXI’s Enclosed Automated Intelligent Fuel Maintenance Systems are programmable and automated self-contained, stand-alone fuel filtration, separation, and conditioning systems. An STS system will remove and prevent the buildup of water, sludge, and contaminants in tanks while eliminating and preventing microbial contamination. The STS systems that are capable of maintaining multiple tanks with a single system are the STS 6010, 7004, 7010, 7030, and 7040. Adding an STS system will optimize and maintain diesel and biofuels, providing maximum sustainability.

With flow rates ranging from 2.5 to 300 gallons per minute, and filtration down to 1 micron, STS systems are ideal for bulk storage tanks for usage in backup power and ready-use applications.</p>

  • Optimal Diesel Fuel Quality at All Times
  • Safe & Reliable Emergency Power for Mission Critical Equipment
  • Peak Engine Performance and Uptime for Emergency Power Systems

The STS 6000 and STS 7000 Series are self-contained, stand-alone, and fully automated systems that optimize diesel fuel quality, guaranteeing the integrity of stored diesel fuel. The STS 7000 Series has the capability of adding an Auto Water Drain and Multi Tank option.