AXI International, industry leaders in Intelligent Fuel Management Systems, has specialized in fuel maintenance, fuel polishing, fuel remediation, fuel treatment, and emission control technologies for over twenty years. Our growth rides on our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, opening up opportunities to expand our product offering. To the benefit of our customers and the AXI network, we’ve become very efficient at doing so – faster than any other company in the industry.

Our current line of solutions include enclosed, mobile, and compact fuel management systems, partial and fully enclosed day tanks, pump sets, fill stations, Tier 4 fuel additives, and other total fuel system management solutions. These high quality, innovative solutions are engineered to exceed industry standards for customers worldwide.

At AXI, we’re passionate about delivering not only a great product and high customer ROI, but ensuring a cleaner environment and peace of mind through our ever-growing product offering. As such, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and effort over the past twenty years in the research and development of cutting edge fuel conditioning and management technologies. This process of innovation, implementation, and analysis has set AXI International as the undisputed leader within our industry. Our Intelligent Fuel Management Solutions truly are second to none.

We’re innovating beyond the new products we introduced, such as our Solar Powered Intelligent Fuel Management System, the MTC-X, and our Portable Particle Counter. We’ve taken our cornerstone product lines to new heights by introducing new filter technologies, intelligent system controllers, automatic water draining, redesigned systems, and more!

Most importantly, it is critical for us to continue to place our customers first. As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right. We operate with integrity, honesty, and passion. AXI is comprised of talented professionals that are knowledgeable, creative, highly skilled, and most importantly, customer centric. Our in-house sales, marketing, and engineering professionals are truly just a phone call away to address you, or your customers’ needs.