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Just a note to let you know I’ve told a number of people about Algae-X and my satisfaction with the unit. I got some increase in mileage but the thing I was most pleased with was the drastic reduction in smoke from my engine. It makes my driving more enjoyable knowing I am not grossing our my fellow motorists.

Russ Westcott

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The fuel we get in Haiti is not always great. I had to change the fuel filter on my Mitsubishi Montero at least every 3 months. Four years ago I installed an LG-X200 Fuel Conditioner on my Montero. I purchased the unit from Behrmann Motors who are the authorized Mitsubishi, Ford, Kia and Volkswagen Dealers for Haiti. It has proven to be the best thing I ever did for my vehicle.

Mr. Behrmann told me that the ALGAE-X would extend filter change intervals, improve engine performance and save fuel. It has done all that. After four years and 27,694 miles we were really curious and decided to change the filter, even though it was not clogged. To our amazement, the element which is made of some rolled up filter material, was still clean when we opened it up.

I thought you would like to see the attached pictures. We are not professional photographers but you can clearly see the results of your ALGAE-X and why I wrote you this letter.

This is great, thank you for making such an excellent product.

Alexis Desroches

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Since the installation of the Algae-X fuel system on our Windsor motor home six months ago, we have seen increased fuel and engine performance. We’ve also been delighted with the fuel catalyst additive to prevent algae growth in our tank and add it at each fill up to keep our favorite home-on-wheels running at it’s finest! You have great products!

Val Aker

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I thought you would be interested in the results of installing your products in my RV – they are nothing less than FANTASTICS!

I purchased one of your LG-XX500 Fuel Conditioners for my Prevost XL Motor Coach at the Monaco Rally in Redmond Oregon this summer. I also picked up a bottle of the AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst.

My main reason for trying your products was the salesman who told me it would eliminate the black soot from the back of the coach and give me better performance from the engine. Well it did that and more.

As one who keeps meticulous records of fuel use and maintenance, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my 500 hp Detroit Diesel engine uses 7% less fuel than before the unit was put in the fuel line. On my drive back from Oregon I also used the AFC, and the numbers were even better – 12% fuel economy! How can I order more of the AFC?

By the way, I have an Aqua-Hot heating system and a generator that use the same fuel tank as the engine. The fumes will make your eyes water, and the smell of diesel used to be a real nuisance. Since I installed the ALGAE-X both generator and heater produce a lot less smoke and the odors are not obnoxious at all. I love to boast about this when we are dry camped with friend and other RV’ers. I think you will be getting some calls from my buddies.

Thanks again for a great product,

John Frese

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I want to tell you how much I appreciate your assistance and let you know how impressed I am with the Algae-X unit I purchased.

We own a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban with a 6.5 turbo diesel motor, which we purchased new in March of 1994. The truck has passed Arizona’s mandatory vehicle emission test (done on a dyno) for the past six years. In 2001, the emissions test was changed to a punch test for high R.P.M emissions (full throttle).

We took the truck in for its test and it failed badly, showing 1000/0 opacity reading on a 40% standard level. We then took the truck to the dealership where we bought it, Bill Heard Chevrolet, and they could only find a leak on the lift pump by the electrical wires and a leak in the oil-sending unit. Both were replaced, but the mechanic told me he wasn’t sure that this would help the emissions, as the truck was “not putting out any more black smoke than most.”

As a last resort, I installed an Algae-X 200 and treated the fuel tank with the amount of AFC-705 catalyst you recommended. After installing the unit, I drove the truck to the emissions testing location, about 15 miles from my home. I noticed that there was no longer black smoke coming out the exhaust pipe. The second reading on the opacity level was 4.1%, a dramatic drop from the original reading of 100%!


George Tomaszewski

[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Roger S. Young’ tags=”] It was nice to visit with you at the Atlantic City Boat Show. I was afraid that the Algae-X product would be just a flash in the pan. First I want to tell you that the Algae-X fuel management system really does work as you said it would. I, at first, thought it wasn’t working because I still had the smoking problem at high RPM’s but as you stated, after three tanks of diesel fuel the black smoke cleared and the engines are running excellent at any RPM. This probably sounds like an advertisement and I guess it is but the truth is, it worked. My only problem is where to find the Algae-X additive? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere in Vermont. Please let me know so I can keep the system working properly. See you at the next boat show in Atlantic City.

Roger S Young
A Believer in the Algae-X System
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’G. Palmer’ tags=”] I own and drive a 1999 gasoline engine GMC Yukon and my primary means of transportation. At 80,000 miles, when the vehicle began to experience a loss of power and acceleration, I attributed to the high mileage.

While attending a boat show, I was introduced to your Algae-X Fuel Catalyst. Although a little skeptical at first, I was assured it would do no harm to the truck’s engine and was convinced to give it a try. Because the product is marketed primarily for diesel engines, I was surprised to learn it provides the same overall benefits for gas engines.

Adding just ½ ounce of catalyst to the fuel prior to refueling, it took about three tanks of gas before I began to notice a difference. The trucks performance is now beautiful. I just hit the gas and it takes off with no hesitation, no matter how fast or slow I am going. I am also getting much better gas mileage – an extra 40-50 miles per tank, or about 1 ½ to 2 extra miles per gallon.

I was so impressed with the results of using the ALGAE-X Fuel Catalyst AFC-705 that I recently purchased five more bottles and convinced my wife, brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law to use it in their vehicles. All of their cars have over 90,000 miles and after using the AFC-705, all were in agreement with me. The AFC-705 is great and my truck now drives as good as the day I brought her home!


G. Palmer
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