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[av_one_full first] [av_toggle_container initial=’0′ mode=’accordion’ sort=”] [av_toggle title=’Waste Management’ tags=”] We are happy to report that having installed the Algae-X magnetic fuel devices on our fleet of forty trucks in December of 2011, we have experienced significant cost savings and less down time. The quick installation and no maintenance got us off to a good start.

Our fleet is comprised of front load, rear load, side load recycle and roll-offs. We have Mack, Cat and I.H.C for engines.

In the first five months of installation we have decreased our fuel consumption by over one percent average, while also changing fuel filters every other oil change instead of every oil change, which normally takes place every 300 hours or approximately every six weeks. The filter savings adds up to about $3,600.00 annually, while the fuel consumption decrease is around $4,992.00 annually. These figures do not include the cost of labor or the loss of fuel at filter changes. We have not been able to put a cost savings on the engine components, but we have noticed a reduction in fuel pump failures on certain engines.

One other good feature is the reduction of smoke. We’re burning all the fuel instead of letting it go out the exhaust pipe in the form of black, smelly smoke.

I want to thank you for a great product that will add dollars to our bottom line while we go about the everyday business of Waste Management.

With Best Regards,

Greg Bowden
Maintenance Manager
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’T&T Trucking, Inc.’ tags=”] Upon running some fuel mileage and consumption test while using an Algae-X Fuel Conditioner model 500, our truck averaged over 1 mile per gallon increase, to a high of just at 2 miles per gallon increase. In our tests, we operated 10,000 miles per month for a two-month period and compared figures to the prior months of doing the same hauls. The unit was installed in September of 2001 whereas the truck was at that point averaging 6.6 miles per gallon. The test comparison ran from November 2001 increased to 8.2 miles per gallon and the January 2002 test showed an average of 7.14 miles per gallon. This is a substantial savings in fuel costs to us, which in turn increases our trucks efficiency.

At this point, I am very pleased with the results of the fuel conditioner. If these results were factored in to our entire fleet of 75 trucks, the savings in fuel costs alone supports the use of this product.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at the number listed below.


Dan Marino
Manager of Compliance
T&T Trucking, Inc.
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This letter is the response, you ask me for concerning the Algae-X fuel conditioner that we installed on one of our tour buses. The unit was installed on bus #105 a Prevost H-340 50 passenger bus. Equipped with a Detroit 8-V92 diesel engine. This bus travels approximately 70,000 miles per year. Our fuel records show that this bus travels 4.7 miles per gallon of fuel. On November 20, 2001 we installed the Algae-X fuel conditioner and since that time we have seen a steady improvement on fuel consumption. As of February 6, 2002 this buss is traveling 5.32 miles per gallon. On a yearly basis that would be a savings of 1,736 gallons of fuel per year.

Thank you,
Ron W. Taylor
Ron Taylor Tours

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Somos una compañia dedicada al transporte de cemento gris, blanco y cales, asi como los insumos relacionados para las empresas Cementos Nare, Cementos Rio Claro y Cementos Cairo. En nuestra flota de 49 tractocamiones compuesta por: Kenworth T800 y Chevrolet Superbrigadier con motores Cummins NTC 350, N14, ISX y Caterpillar 3406E, en los cuales utilizamos filtros de Comsbustible Fleetguard, hemos instalado el Acondicionador Magnetico ALGAE-X LGX500, con el cual hemos obtenido beneficios de ahorro de combustible hasta de diez por ciento (10%), el periodo de cambio de filtros se ha extendido de 16.000 kms a 30.000 kms.


Ing. Javier Arango
Jefe Mantenimiento
Logitrans SA

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Attached are photos of an LG-X installation on a Kenworth truck with a 450 hp Cummins ISX engine, and a photo of two fuel samples.

Fuel taken from a truck tank without ALGAE·X was totally black causing filtration and performance problems. It assumed that the heat and pressure of the fuel injection system contributes to fuel breakdown and the formation of sediments causing dark fuel, tank sludge, clogged filters, injector damage, incomplete combustion and smoking engines.

We at Kenworth started with the installation of ALGAE·X on 5 of our trucks and monitored fuel consumption. After 3 months we noticed an improvement in fuel economy of 6.76%. The picture below shows a fuel sample from the tank of one of the trucks installed with ALGAE·X and a fuel sample of a truck without ALGAE·X. The difference is clear. The fuel from the truck without ALGAE·X is very dark and the fuel sample from the truck with ALGAE·X is “clear and bright”.

The cost of the fuel and the engine costs are the most important factors in overall operating cost of a truck company. Our decision was easy, Kenworth provide their customers engine fuel systems complete with ALGAE·X. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible truck on the market and we want our customers to have the best possible fuel conditioning and filtration systems for their new Kenworth truck.

For the truck operators that have older Kenworth trucks, we can tell you that Algae-X pays for itself in three or four months. Alter that it continues saving the truck operator money for as long as he uses the vehicle. From what we have seen, the ALGAE·X is a “must install fuel conditioning system” that belongs on every diesel engine.









LG-X 500 Installation on 450 hp Cummins ISX Kenworth T-800 Fuel Samples before and after LG-X 500 installation

Eng. Kamaal Kalse
Vice CEO

[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Grand Banks Transportation Services’ tags=”] Enclosed you will find a picture that shows your Algae-X unit installed on a 1999 Volvo with a 500 Detroit in it. Please note the level and color of the fuel. As of writing this, the filter has 35,095 on it an more than 5600 gallons of fuel have been run through it. That is performing! Prior to this the filter had to be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Performance is up too with a recent Dino test. Power has increased from 430 at rear wheel to 450.5. That’s a 5% increase, which is amazing! Fuel consumption has gone from 6.4 6.8 mph over the test period. The Algae-X unit installed on any truck engine would be an asset.


George Bonagura
Grand Banks Transportation Services
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We, at all eight Florida Detroit Diesel – Allison, locations highly recommend the Algae X Magnetic fuel devices installed in all diesel applications including trucks, RV’s, marine, stationary, transit, coach, pick-up, emergency, and school bus, as well as off road equipment. Clean fuel and cleaner running engines mean less down-time, lower maintenance cost, as well as lowering the use of fuel due to the cleanliness produced, filter change will be less frequent. We have sold and installed hundreds of Algae X magnetic fuel devices of aIl sizes in all of the above diesel applications for two years.

We also use end highly recommend using the Algae-X fuel catalyst whenever needed.

Detroit Diesel Corporation will neither approve nor disapprove the use of Algae-X products and the use will not affect the warranty on your engine.


William L. Prussman
Branch Manager
Florida Detroit Diesel – Allison

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As one of the biggest Cummins Diesel Engine distributor in South America we have been working these past years in offering our customers excellent products accompanied by an outstanding service and added value packages in order to be the Number One customer option allover the country in on-highway and off-highway markets. As part of our effort in these added value programs, fuel quality has been one of our priorities and we have been witnesses of the enormous benefits that ALGAE-X can bring to final customers enhancing engine performance and duration.

We proudly announce that since October 2006 every Cummins Diesel Engine distributed by Equitel S.A. to a final customer is going to include ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioners as a habitual item and that we are going to continue improving filtration systems of customers using your technology.

Best Regards,

Juan Jose Piedrahita
CEO – Equitel S.A.
Bogota, Colombia

[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’CertanTeed Gypsum’ tags=”] Mining Company Goes Green

Algae-X® helps CertainTeed Gypsum save money, equipment, and the environment

Between May and December of 2007, CertainTeed Gypsum, a large mining company in Arkansas, spent $3,300 replacing fuel filter elements on one of the two PC1800 Komatsu Shovel operating at the mine. The PC1800 has two Cummins engines per unit.

These 12 cylinder SAA6D140’s with 917HP per engine have two spin on fuel filters, for a total of four per shovel. Annually, the company would have spent in excess of $7,000 for each shovel just in filters, excluding downtime and labor.

To improve up time and reduce operating cost, Kevin Mahan, the plant Senior

CertainTeed Gypsm installs Algae-X LGX systemProject Engineer had H&E Equipment Services of Little Rock, Arkansas, the local certified Algae-X dealer, install into each PC1800 shovel two Algae-X model 1500 fuel conditioners and treated the fuel with AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst in December

2007. After operating four months 24/7, these shovels have not had any clogged filters or any fuel related downtime in between scheduled preventative maintenance.

Based on these results, Kevin has decided to install fuel conditioners on all Tier II and Tier III equipment operating in the mine. He has also proactively treated the mine’s stored fuel with AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst and purchased an Algae-X MTC-3000 mobile tank cleaning system to remove the water and sludge from their storage tanks.

CertainTeed Gypsum has applied Algae-X green technology that has more than paid for itself by reducing emissions, lowering the consumption of disposable filters, improving engine performance, and increasing up time.

CertainTeed Gypsum installs Algae-X LGX system
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As you know, Bay Gulf installed your “Algae-X product on our tug fleet during the ~ quarter of 1997. We are please to report that since the installation of the unit, we have seen no traces of algae/biological contamination in the fuel systems.

In addition to alleviating the headaches and logistics problems associated with algae contamination, we have realized a cost savings in eliminating the use of liquid biocides that produce algae sludge once the animals have died. These sludges must be physically cleaned from the fuel tanks, which is labor intensive and inhibits operation of the vessel during the cleaning process. Fuel filter consumption fleet wide has dropped an estimated 25% since the installation of your product.

We extend our gratitude for your continued support of a fine add-on to our tug engines.


Bay Gulf Trading Company, Ltd.
Katherine M. Wright

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Cummins-Bridgeway’s Northwest offices understand customer service. They also actively seek out value added products and services which really help the customers they serve.

In 2007, Larry Revard, Executive Director of the Northwest Division, became convinced there was a cost effective way to dramatically decrease the headaches associated with fuel delivered to Cummins engines. The facilities in Western and Northern Lower Michigan were seeing engines with plugged filters and engine damage caused by poor fuel quality. Even though those situations had absolutely nothing to do with Cummins, staff troubleshooters were fixing problems and dealing with unhappy customers.

After researching the product line, Northwest Division decided to actively market the Algae-X line of diesel fuel conditioning products. They haven’t looked back since. Installations have been made on ships, tug boats, RV’s, over the road trucks and generators – lots of generators. They also use Algae-X mobile fuel polishers to clean tanks and improve fuel quality for customers in need.

Angelique (AC) Rison, Power Generation Rental/Sales Coordinator, has seen a decrease in fuel related maintenance cost and an increase in profitability since embracing Algae-X in-line fuel conditioners, AFC-705 fuel catalyst, and fuel polishing technology. She’s also seen an increase in overall rental business as word gets out that Cummins has the most reliable rental generators in the area. “Fuel problems simply are a thing of the past for us. Our generators have continued to perform flawlessly even with the lower lubricity ultra-low sulfur diesel (S15) fuels now mandated,” she explained.

Plugged filters due to poor fuel quality used to cause one in four generators rented to shut down. A tech was called out in an emergency situation. A customer was unhappy. Not a good situation in any circumstance! Since a fuel maintenance program was implemented for the rental fleet (in early 2007), there have been NO fuel related shutdowns in Grand Rapids (“Well, there were two,” Rison says, “They both ran out of fuel. That counts, I suppose.”) A more complete burn of the fuel has resulted in cleaner lube oils, too. Preventive maintenance has been moved safely from 250 to 400 hours on generators using Algae-X products. Decreased costs have added roughly $100,000 a year to the bottom line!

Then there is fuel polishing. The Northwest Division is busy polishing fuel for its customers – and making new customers by polishing fuel. Tank testing and preventative maintenance agreements for fuel quality have given Cummins-Bridgeway a whole new profit center and a competitive edge! On more than one occasion, Cummins techs have been called out when a generator was not making its rated power, only to discover that there was nothing mechanically wrong with the unit in question. Break out the fuel polisher, take care of the fuel quality, and fire it up again. Rated power is achieved. Problem solved.

Cummins-Bridgeway’s Northwest Division services the Western and Northern portions of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula with offices in Grand Rapids, Gaylord, Saginaw, and Traverse City. Cummins Bridgeway is the Cummins distributor responsible for Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, and some adjacent counties in Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. Cummins-Bridgeway, as a whole, is headquartered in New Hudson, MI. The Northwest Division can be reached at 616.538.2250 or 616.281.2211.

Algae-X is the worldwide leader in total fuel management systems designed to optimize fuel quality, promote peak engine performance, and reliability. Algae-X technology improves the quality and reliability of fuels resulting in improved combustion, significant reduction in particulate emissions, and lower overall operating and maintenance costs. The Great Lakes Basin distributor for Algae-X products is Diesel Fuel Doctor. or 517.605.5788

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