AXI designs, engineers and manufactures custom built solutions, working side by side with its customers, architects, engineering firms and facility management companies to create innovative fully-automated fuel optimization and maintenance systems.

Larger capacity, higher flow rate and custom engineered equipment available.

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AXI’s first priority is providing clients with innovative methods and equipment to re mediate and permanently prevent the costly consequences of otherwise unavoidable fuel deterioration processes.  Our experts will review and disucss the optimal solution for your specific application.  Click here to arrange a consultation.


AXI works with and supports clients, architects and engineering firms, boat builders and facility management companies to design innovative, fully automated fuel optimization, maintenance and transfer systems for their specific application.  Click here to discuss application specific options.


We design and manufacture high capacity and high flow-rate custom engineered systems for the conditioning, filtration, separation and transfer of diesel, biofuels, jet fuel, lube-oil, hydrolic fluids, and the reduction of sludge and slop-oil in HFO applications.  Click here to review your options for a custom designed solution.

Cost Savings Are Real

Custom built applications offer a real solution to your problem and save you on the costs of filters, maintenance, downtime and fuel loss.

There’s More To It Than Filtration

Although classical filtration can remove contaminants, it only addresses part of the problem.  Conditioning your fuel restores fuel to it’s original optimized state.

Algae Does Not Live In Fuel

Algae requires sunlight to grow.  Fuel forms clusters and sediments over time that will clog filters and form tank sludge.  Innovative AXI technology will reverse this process.

Custom Designed And Engineered Solutions

Power Plant Fuel Conditioning Skid

This automated Algae-X Fuel Oil Conditioning System treats all fuel going from the storage tanks to the GE turbine in a Power Plant in Qatar. It continuously provides optimal quality fuel with less than 2.6 ppm of contaminant at less than 5 micron in size and less than 200 ppm of water.

The skid is equipped with two filter/water separator vessels with coalescing and filtration elements. The water separated from the supplied fuel oil is collected and automatically drained. Its control panel with all the safety and alarm functions is directly wired into the plant’s business management center to be monitored and managed from the plant’s control room.

The system’s capacity is 30,000 liters/hour and operates at a continuous duty cycle flow rate of 325 liters per minute (86 Gallons per minute)

power plant skid

Automated Fuel Oil Conditioning System HC-FWS 500/3

  • Dual Horizontal Filter/Water Separator Vessels
  • Three coalescer & two Filter cartridges per vessel
  • Programmable Filtration Controller for seamless BMS integration
  • Automated stainless air eliminator system with three ball
    valves for quick de-aeration
  • Interconnecting piping & isolating valves
  • Thermal expansion safety valve set at 115 PSI
  • Delta “P” sensors & indicators with block & bleed valves

Automated water drain system

  • Water level sensors installed in water sump
  • Automated electrically operated water drain valve
  • Maximum level switch & high level alarm
  • Magnetic level indicator, scale length 350 mm
Series HFWS 500/3 Skid
Dimensions 19.6″ D x 73″ H
(500mm D x 1850mm H)
Flow rates 86 gpm (325 l/m)
Max. Pressure 10 Bar
Min. Pressure 1 Bar
Max. Temp 122 F (+50 C)
Min. Temp 43 F (+6 C)
Internals Coalescer Elements: 3 x c-5305Separator Elements: 2 x S-7262
Filter Micon Filtration 5 Micron Nominal
Pressure Drop Clean Approx 0.1 bar -
Max 0.69 bar
Design Code ASME VIII Div.1
Design Pressure 10 bar g
Design Temp. 122 F (50 C)
Materials Main Vessels Carbon Steel
Heads A516 Gr.60
Nozzles A106B
Closure Flange A516 Gr.60
Cover Gasket Viton O-Ring
Cartridge Mounting Aluminum/Nylon
Shell A106B
Flanges A105
3-Layer Paint System To Withstand Severe Conditions
Power 230V 50/60 Hz

Mars Millenium Fuel Conditioner

mars millenium fuel conditioner

Catamaran Ferry Fuel Conditioner

catamaran fuel conditioner

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