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Good morning Bill,

It’s with real pleasure that I put “pen to paper” with this latest piece of good news from AXI Australia.

Pneumark Automation have been working with the AXI team in the USA for the last 12 months on providing Perth Airport in Western Australia with a “state-of-the-art” AXI International model FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system for the new standby diesel generator fuel tank at the recently completed T2 domestic terminal. Perth airport is one of the busiest airports in the Southern hemisphere, providing flight facilities to the enormous “fly-in, fly-out” crews of the Western Australia oil,  gas & mining industries and had as such, rapidly outgrown the old domestic terminal.

The successful contractor on this project was Genaust Power & Water, based in Dudley Park, South Australia. A leading supplier in Australia of standby power generation systems, Genaust Power & Water personnel have a combined industry experience of over 90 years, with trained staff covering diesel engines, tank design and electrical systems. The tank side of the contract was a 7000 litre horizontal above-ground cylinder tank with a “fuel scrubber” installed to ensure optimum fuel quality at all times. Genaust provided a custom version of the AXI International FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system which incorporated a custom auto-drain system with a secondary pump discharging detected waste fluids to an external waste tank.

What made this project such a success, from my point of view, was Genaust’s attention to detail. I was really impressed with the quality of their work and am pleased to list the factors which Genaust included in their design build, installation  and commissioning work. These were:

1.       A double skin tank, with the interior skin being stainless steel. This will ensure virtually zero rust formation in the fuel over the next 30 to 50 years.

2.       A 7.5 degree slope on the tank towards a low point where the suction line of the FPS-MX-F-SP inlet is positioned. This is the absolute best we can ask for Bill.

3.       A cowl on the end of the tank which houses all the fuel polishing and transfer systems, providing protection from the vagaries of the Australian climate.

4.       A weather-proof stainless steel enclosure within the above cowl encompassing (a) the control systems, being the SFC-50 and custom Auto-Drain control boxes,             (b) the FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system and (c) the custom built Auto-Drain system which AXI International designed to upgrade this FPS system.

5.       Oversize suction & return lines. There was no skimping on this job Bill. Just as I wanted.

6.       The suction line went to within 10mm of the tank bottom. Need I say more…

7.       During the commissioning at their premises, every tool, fitting and electrical component was immediately  made available. What an absolute pleasure.

So, with true conviction, I say “Well done Genaust”.  You did it right ! A new era in fuel quality management has been well and truly launched in Australia!

Photographs attached are:

1.       Peter Holt of Pneumark Automation Pty Ltd handing over the commissioned AXI model FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system to Martin Oates, Technical Director  of             Genaust Power & Water, Dudley Park, South Australia..

2.       7000 litre above ground fuel storage tank – Genaust Power & Water. Note the slope of the tank, enabling contaminants to be concentrated at FPS unit suction                    pipe intake.

3.       Peter Holt, Technical Director,  Pneumark Automation, Australian representatives for AXI International , showing Mr Martin Oates of Genaust Power & Water                the alarm system incorporated into the FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system supplied for Perth Airport.

Kind regards to you all Bill,

Pete Holt
Pneumark Automation Pty Ltd

FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system, Perth Airport, AXI International FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system, Perth Airport, AXI International FPS-MX-F fuel polishing system, Perth Airport, AXI International 

Steve Edwards

I thought you’d be interested in two developments for me this week. I finished a 10,000-gallon tank that required 2 separate days. There are two points on this that should be made, the MTC 3000 performed flawlessly and proved itself well-designed for a task this large, the other point was that I treated the tank midway through the first day with 2 gallons of AFC-705 with a great deal of hope because the fuel had been in the tank without treatment for 8 years and was very dirty. We had a gap of several days because of rain before I could complete the second day and I was absolutely stunned at what AFC-705 had done with the fuel in the interim. It made the second day a cinch.

The other incident occurred when a local yacht owner called me back to help clean a reserve tank that we had not done originally. I had sold him an LG-X 500 for his Cummins main engine and he pointed incredulously at his Racor saying that it had never looked so clean and that he did not have to change it once; he also reported higher RPM’s, and much less smoke. So there you have it.

Incidentally, the gentleman who referred me to the 10,000-gallon tank is well established here in Southern California and I had to work hard to get a referral. He is bringing me in on an account in Los Angeles. Have you ever heard of AMTRAK?

—– Steve Edwards

U.S. Department of Transportation

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how satisfied we are here at the James River Reserve Fleet with your ALGAE-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner product. Reflecting over the past two years of installing your product in our tugboats, patrol boats, personnel carrier boats, powerboats, crane barge, and other marine diesel industrial equipment, it is a noteworthy pleasure to confirm the positive impact it has made on our overall operations.

Prior to installing your product, we had numerous fuel related problems with biological growth in our service and storage tanks causing us to go through large quantities of fuel filters, injectors and nozzles, and problems with turbo-chargers and exhaust Systems due to our diesel engines not burning clean fuel.

After installing your ALGAE-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner units in our Fleet equipment, our repair mechanics and craft engineers are very happy and well satisfied. We have significantly reduced equipment downtime, repairs and maintenance; labor costs and hours, parts and material costs since our fuel Systems and engines are operating so much cleaner.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and service, it is great ly appreciated. Looking forward to doing business with you and your company in the near future.


Randall D. Goldman
General Machinery Foreman

T & T Electric

We have tried your ALGAE-X product on a few of our trucks and equipment. The trucks vary in size from F350 diesel flatbeds to F800 utility type digger derricks. The results have been impressive! Our mechanic and drivers have witness “increase in power”, “engine running cleaner” and “better mileage per gallon”. With these kinds of results and the recommendation from our mechanic, T & T Electric, Inc. will be budgeting funds to install the ALGAE-X on all of our diesel-powered trucks, backhoes, cranes and equipment over the course of the year. Thank you for introducing us to your product that helps us to keep efficient and profitable in these competitive times.


Leonard S. Tanaka

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